Franklin Joseph “Stop Crime on Women – Protest against Victim Blaming”

Our nice Minister’s, ACP’s and BU heads said women should not wear provocative dress that shows too much skin and they would be blamed if they are raped. But even in a Sari, most of us men are easily seduced. And that devious dress-code Sari is actually very sexy and very provocative. Thus SariWalk is born.

[] [Post] We will post soon on the dates and places where such events ‘Stop Crime on Women – Sari Walk Protest’ would take place. For your support or participation, please email “Frank(@)” or call me at +91.9886769281

Photo’s Design: Franklin Joseph

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3 thoughts on “Franklin Joseph “Stop Crime on Women – Protest against Victim Blaming”

  1. I agree with what you say.
    I do not understand a few things that the people say, they say that us girls should wear decent cloths to avoid such molestation and rape activites. But what is the garuntee that if girls wear decent cloths, they will not be molested?!

    1. If wearing decent clothes would stop rapes, Afghanistan women would never be abused as they wear full cloth even covering their eyes but rape is very much rampant there. Meanwhile, if clothes are the issues, girls in Florida wear bikinis every day yet there is only few thousand rape committed there 1/5 of the size of Indian numbers.

      It’s time we go in-depth away from just worried about short skirts or indecent clothes, if you really interested in opening your eyes, email me at [email protected]. Thanks

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