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The Latest National Crime Records Bureau (NDRB) Police statistics expose that obsolete martial arts stunts / tricks are not effective for real life crime. Specialist Guruji Franklin Joseph (a.k.a. Dr. Safety) with two decades of award winning combat & street experience, has adapted cutting-edge, advanced tactics using Reflex Instinct based Krav Maga Israeli Military Self Defense, Pro-active Combat Science & Psychological Skills like Guerrilla Hit & Run Deception Strategy, Neuro-Behavioral Crisis Management, Fear Counterinsurgency, Pro-Failure Conversion Technique, Threat Perception etc. Our warrior mindset is quickly embraced by all corporate executives & staff's, irresective of age, size, strength, or fitness factors, as our workshop's primary focus is Prevent, Avoid & Escape Dynamic, Frantic, & Unpredictable Crime with Unknown Criminals, Known Predators, or Multiple Gangs w/o Weapons.
Our Workshop Mantra - Power is Knowledge - Make Empowerment Modern, Fun, Real, Fast, Simple, Effective & Scientific.

Bangalore Mirror – Newspaper – Kicking Butt with Krav Maga

Bangalore Mirror Newspaper organized two Krav Maga Self Defense session on Saturday, there was only one rule: If you want to be safe, don’t be afraid to kick butt. The Israeli military invented the fighting style known as Krav Maga Self Defense. The word in Hebrew refers to “contact combat.” Given how dangerous the city’s streets are getting, the Krav Maga Self Defense class was exactly what the doctor prescribed. People of all ages and sizes showed up for the crash session in self-defense, and not even the pouring rain could break the mood. Franklin Joseph, a ex-member of the International Krav Maga Federation, now Specialist, Founder & CEO – Indian Institute of Strategic Threat-Intelligence Analysis and Combat Tactical Science, Click to Read

Times of India Newspaper ~ Krav Maga – Women executives new weapon for self defence

Times of India Newspaper Re-edited for SEO “Twist and turn…straight punch” — an Specialist Guruji Franklin Joseph, a Krav Maga Self Defense Bengaluru instructor barks out these order in a room full of women learning to kick and punch their way out of trouble. It’s a place where young female professionals are undergoing training in Krav Maga Self Defense (Bengaluru, Karnataka, India), the lethal Israeli martial art through Franklin Joseph, CEO of the Indian Institute of Threat-Intelligence Analysis & Combat Tactical Science. With an alarming rise in crime against women professionals, many firms have started offering self-defence training courses to their female employees.

Bangalore Mirror – Newspaper – Fist of Fury

Bangalore Mirror, Times of India Newspaper Bangalore Mirror Newspaper took out a series of articles on Krav Maga Israeli Military Self Defense tactics showcased by Specialist Franklin Joseph, CEO of Indian Institute of Strategic Threat-Intelligence Analysis and Combat Tactical Science, Dharwad. The newspaper article’s main goal was to illustrate the simple scientific elements of Krav Maga Self Defense training, which even a little schoolgirl could master. Guruji Franklin Joseph was the pretending opponent, a man who was at least three or four times larger, stronger, and older than his student, schoolgirl in the picture. It also showcases women self defense against a bigger stronger opponent. A woman should be able to pursue her goals without any obstacles in her way. Click to Read

The New Indian Express – Newspaper – Dr Safety who empowers the psyche

The New Indian Express Newspaper By A Sharadhaa | ENS Guruji Franklin Joseph, Founder & CEO, Indian Institute of Threat-Intelligence Analysis & Combat Tactical Science, Dharwad is known as Dr. Safety to the people whose lives he touched. He attempts to inspire individuals through his safety programs that use psychological empowerment against crime, violence, and sexual abuse—not because he saved them with medicines. “One of my learners gave me the Dr. Safety tag. It is a result of the manner in which I tackle the issue of women’s safety. Born into the New Delhi slums and exposed to sexual assault and violence at a young age, Franklin Joseph stated, “I try to empower the psychological aspect of safety much more Click to Read

Deccan Chronicle – Newspaper – Dr. Safety to the rescue

Visakhapatnam DECCAN CHRONICLE Guruji Franklin Joseph, CEO, Indian Institute of Threat-Intelligence Analysis & Combat Tactical Science, Dharwad, often known as Dr. Safety, travels the nation teaching schoolchildren and business women in the corporate world how to defend themselves. “Helping women open their minds is the solution to their fear of going out alone,” Franklin stated during the ‘Power to Women’ Self Defense workshop, which was hosted in the Visakhapatnam city for law enforcement, health professionals, and non-governmental organizations. Professional in teaching self-defense, he has stepped up his efforts by partnering with many different organizations and educational establishments around India, as more and more women are realizing the value of self-defense education. The man who had to overcome gender bias to Click to Read

Bangalore Times – Newspaper – Is India really a safe place for women?

And these images change the way women are being perceived, says Franklin Joseph, who conducts workshops to empower women. “When a family watches a film in which a man beats up a woman, and a father has no issues watching it, the son gets a subconscious message that it’s OK for him to commit the same acts. Mothers usually have no say on the matter and the silence is proof of the power of the man,” says Franklin. As crimes of sexual harassment continue unabated in the country, we explore why they have become rampant. Times of India newspaper [] [Post] As a 23-year-old media professional walked towards her office on a chilly morning in Bangalore, she came face to face with her assaulter — Click to Read

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