Google Women Techmakers Learn Krav Maga Part 1

Power To Women Workshop Google Franklin Joseph Krystal Joseph

It was an honour to teach Krav Maga Self Defense to the Women Techmakers and entrepreneurs building their own start ups and following their passion, just as I am. These busy entrepreneurs will be travelling for work or working late, they will not have the time to invest years in martial arts self defense, so they need something easier and faster to learn. Our Krav Maga Self Defense system is based on human reflex instincts, which makes it very easy and fast to learn. Under the stressful crime situation, Krav Maga Self Defense system is very easy to remember under all the chaos, pain, fear and panic going through your mind.

As a specialist in Krav Maga Self Defense, I could see the hesitancy in their eyes when we asked if we could train them. When we told them that it could be learnt in minutes, we would see their disbelief. But, once we showed them the tactic which was as simple as 1, 2, 3 , we could see the immediate shift in their body language and eyes. they were excited, smiling, asking questions and ready to learn.

This is the sad fact of our business that most people believes that self defense is only martial arts like karate and kick-boxing. Even our organisers asked us if we were bringing mats used in judo. Most of them martial arts have self defence, but they are limited to the rules and regulations of that respective martial arts. whereas crime or criminals don’t follow the syllabus or the rigid rules of martial arts. in simple words, criminals cheat. that is why Krav Maga uses simple science to break the criminal’s modus operandi. They is why the best military in the world – Israeli, Americans and Indians use Krav Maga Self Defense military system.


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