Franklin Joseph Article – “Woman empowerment – psychologically & physically”

Corporate Power To Women Self Defence by Franklin Joseph

Franklin Joseph ‘’ workshops empowers the women to look inside a find the strength of a tiger irrespective of her actual size, strength and age. Not just for threats against her but also to become and better human being, increasing productively, better decision making while handling stress and focus on positive solution even when fear and insecurity of our past freezes us.

I do not see ‘’ as just teaching women self defense or martial arts. I am a social entrepreneur, who want to specialize a wellness program catering to girl child at school level, young women at college level and women at corporate or club level.

My workshops have been painfully crafted by years of trial and error, plus re-invented every time on feedback and interactions with various women who attended my prior workshop.

My specially ensure my participants must have fun and laugh while learning even thought the subject line are very sensitive and personal to many women who underwent such trauma.

My core mission is to make the women see and learn

  • Self-realization of her own physical power – she are ready irrespective of her size, strength or fitness level.
  • Awareness against latest crimes & Understanding a predator’s game plan and how to defeat it
  • Recognize Pre-Conflict Indicators and be Aware of Post-Conflict Dangers
  • Pre-Assault Situation Awareness & Conflict Prevention from being chosen a victim via attitude, body posture etc.
  • Survival Mindset – How to diffuse fear and bring in hidden courage
  • Stress Management – performing effectively towards safety; under pressure where personal danger is very real
  • Risk reduction – Verbal Confrontational & Diffusing Exercises against Eve-teasing, Office Sexual harassment etc.
  • Risk avoidance using Preventive & Avoidance Israeli Soft Tactics against Domestic Violence, Kidnapping & Molestation / Eve-teasing and Sexual Abuse
  • Various Israeli Krav Maga Self Defense drills of defense against Wrist grabs, Groping, Chokes, Knife Robbery, Rape, In-Transit inside a Car Molestation etc.
  • Usage of Self Protection tool like Electric Shock Stun gun, Pocket Sticks Key Chain, Daily objects like Magazines, Water bottle & Umbrella etc.
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