Larsen & Toubro Technology, Bengaluru

Larsen & Toubro Technology - Power To Women Self Defense Workshop by Franklin Joseph & Krystal Joseph in Bengaluru

Both Mr. Franklin Joseph, CEO, Indian Institute of Strategic Threat-Intelligence Analysis & Combat Tactical Science (IISTACTS) and Krystal Joseph, one of the youngest Krav Maga Self Defence instructors & CEO of, instructed a women group of participants in Larsen & Toubro Technology Services India the knowledge & tactics of Krav Maga Israeli Military Self Defense system.

Franklin Joseph & Krystal Joseph

Specialist in Krav Maga Self Defense system,
Power To Women Self Defense Corporate Workshop
Corporate Workshop on Women Krav Maga Self-Defense
Larsen & Toubro Technology, Bengaluru

This was my (Krystal Joseph) first Power To Women Corporate Self Defense Workshop in a tech park. There were around 30 participants consisting of women staff members of Larsen & Toubro Technology organisation, ranging in various age groups. We began by introducing my Power To Women Corporate Self Defense Workshop and my organisation – ‘Girls Empower, Mentor, Lead & Educate Girl’ organisation as well as our respective profiles. We concluded our presentation by starting a survey questionnaire based on the facts & realities of crime in India in recent years.

Much to their surprise and as we had predicted, most of the women’s knowledge of crime is very limited & outdated. As an Power To Women Self Defense Specialist, this is a very crucial point of our workshop since we aim to provide correct and updated information about real crime to our participants. Obsolete knowledge is much more dangerous than the crime itself because it rarely helps prepare the women practitioner to deal with the chaos, stress & violence of real crime using Krav Maga Self Defense tactical & psychological solutions.

Krystal Joseph

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