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Hey people, I am Mr. Franklin Joseph, a Social Entrepreneur working for Women Empowerment. I am also a Krav Maga Israeli Self Defence instructor in Bangalore. Along-with Mrs. Ottilie Anban Kumar who is a Psychological Counsellor, past life regression therapist, life Coach and a motivational Speaker I’ve created Power to Women.

[] [Post] We organize workshops on Women Empowerment, Holistic personality development, Crime and Safety, Anti-Eve-Teasing, Rape, Sexual Harassment, Stress management for Schools, Colleges and Corporates in Hubli-Dharwad, Mysore, Mangalore and Bangalore. Through this website, I would ask everyone to express themselves and share their views and ideas. Join me on my quest to increase awareness and educate ourselves and others for a wiser and better tomorrow.

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We are still working on designing and developing this site but we would like every woman visiting our site to share their thoughts and viewpoints on various subjects which a woman faces especially verbal, physical and sexual abuse, eve-teasing, rape, harassment etc. Write to us at ‘Frank(at)’.

If you are interested in organising a Children or Women Empowerment Seminar in your school, college, company, institution, club or city please email me at ‘Frank(at)’ with your mobile or office number.

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