Specialist Franklin Joseph

Franklin Joseph - Specialist, CEO, Indian Institute of Special Tactics And Combat Science

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About Franklin Joseph

Social Entrepreneur, CEO & Specialist, Indian Institute of Special Tactics And Combat Science

Specialist Guru Franklin Joseph left his regular job as an IT-Creative Director & turned into a Social Entrepreneur focusing on Women Self Defence, Safety Pro-Active Awareness and Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse.

He is also an Israeli certified Krav Maga Self Defence instructor who is now the Chief Instructor and CEO of Indian Institute of Special Tactics And Combat Science. He also conducts various classes on Self Defence in Bangalore, Dharwad and Hubballi.

Why Martial Arts or Self Defence stunts don’t work against real life crime?

Here are some loopholes of present self-defence stunts or martial arts tricks

  1. Most martial arts tricks are based on men’s size & Strength.
  2. Most women don’t trust hardcore violent action will magically deal with violent men.
  3. Martial arts rarely empower you on how to diffuse a crime before it’s turns fatal.
  4. Most martial arts have no solution how to deal with a predator a woman will trusts or cares about.
  5. Most stunts of martial arts are based on rules which a crime does not follow.
  6. Most stunts of martial arts are unnatural movements thus takes years to learn.
  7. In sudden stress & ciaos of a crime, your brain will freeze in fear or panic.
  8. Most Young or old people don’t have fitness level for martial arts tricks
  9. Kids & women rarely are stronger or flexible enough for self-defence stunts.
  10. Martial arts tricks are designed on a specific rigid situation not for dynamic crime.
  11. None of the martial arts teaches you how to deal with your insecurities or mistakes in your tactics.
  12. Negative Psychological effects of stress, fear, pain etc are ignored in martial arts tricks.

So, you can see most martial arts tricks or self-defence stunts are not designed for real life crime situations.

Why Power To Women Self Defence are more effective dealing with real life crimes?

  1. Specially designed for kids & women as tactical power is generated by science not by person’s strength or size
  2. Women trusts learning soft & diffusion tactics especially against sexual harassment.
  3. Focus is on first to prevent, avoid & escape without violently engaging with a violent attacker.
  4. Combat Science aspects of our workshop deals with how to analyse & effectively deal with known predators.
  5. Our training in interactive, fun and educational to help empower women with knowledge that works for her.
  6. Learn in days instead of years as reflex action based tactics trained in realistic scenarios makes it easy.

Three unique aspects of Power to Women Self Defence Workshops ?

Soul : Survivor of Violence & Abuse

Safety Specialist Guru Franklin Joseph designed Power to Women Self Defence & Safety Empowerment Workshops with knowledge based on his experience as a survivor of sexual abuse, crime and violence all his childhood and youth.

Spirit : Social Entrepreneur

In that cocktail, Mr Franklin Joseph added the experience gained by working 7 years in the grass-root level of child labour issue with Nobel Prize Winner Mr Kailash Satyarthi in his NGO Global March against Child Labour.

Body : Military Self Defence Guru

Mr. Franklin Joseph also incorporated his tactical expertise in Krav Maga Israeli Military Self-Defence system. The focus is on diffusion, prevention, avoidance and escapes without provoking more violence through punching and kicking.

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