Indian Institute of Strategic Threat-Intelligence Analysis and Combat Tactical Science
Power to Women Corporate Self Defense researched police statistics from the National Crime Records Bureau (NDRB) which revealed that obselete martial arts tricks / stunts do not deter actual crimes. For the Corporate Self Defense workshop, Specialist Guruji Franklin Joseph (a.k.a. Dr. Safety), with two decades of award-winning combat and street experience, has merged advanced tactics using Reflex Instinct-based Krav Maga Israeli Military Self Defense, Pro-active Combat Science, and Psychological Skills such as Critical Decisions Making, Guerrilla Hit & Run Deception Strategy, Neuro-Behavioral Crisis Management, Fear Counterinsurgency, Pro-Failure Conversion Technique, Threat Perception, and so on. All corporate executives and employees quickly adopt our warrior mindset, regardless of age, size, strength, age, or fitness factors because the main goal of our workshop is to prevent, avoid, and escape dynamic, panic-stricken, unpredictable crimes involving unknown criminals, known predators, or multiple gangs operating w/o weapons.
Our Workshop Mantra - Power is Knowledge - Make Empowerment Modern, Fun, Real, Fast, Simple, Effective & Scientific.