Franklin Joseph Article – ‘Self Defense for Women misleading myths’

Myths - Franklin Joseph Power To Women Self Defence Workshop

Let’s debunks misleading truths about self defense for women

by Franklin Joseph Specialist on Power to Women Workshops who’s core principal is Pro-Active Women Safety Awareness, Realistic + Scientific Self Defense for Women and Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence and Sexual Abuse

  1. Usually in a self defense for women sessions, we just teach punching & kicking. But the fear of attack from a man can really mess with one ability to distinguish between a non-lethal threat or a lethal threat.
  2. In a corporate environment, such blind approach of punch to solve problems in women self defense workshop might only lead to gender gap affecting work-ethics and hurt the team spirit.
  3. Self Defense for Women are now reduced to tricks taught in martial arts… Criminals are not dumb to be FOOLED by simple tricks.
  4. Women Self Defense most hidden fact : Criminals attack VIOLENTLY inducing extreme stress & pain which will cause the women to freeze in fear.
  5. Unless its a lethal threat, some women do not want to have fist fight with a BIGGER STRONGER man or men or want to experience pain that goes with violence.
  6. Some women are not eager to get caught up in law & order issues or want to face more consequences of future confrontations.
  7. After Self Defense for Women class is over, most women still do not BELIEVE they have the size and strength to actually cause any damage even if they do the tricks.
  8. Half-learned knowledge taught in Self Defense for Women sessions of tricks can lead to MISTAKES resulting into death or serious injuries especially when dealing with violent criminals who have no respect for women.
  9. Most self defense for workshops are designed by men who have NEVER worked with women or children to understand the consequences of violence from a women point of view.
  10. A instructor of self defense for women must, must, must LISTEN to his participants personal issues rather than just preaching his point of view on the women.
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