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Franklin Joseph Article – “Sexual harassment, blame it on victim’s modern clothes?”

Sexual Abuse Article - Franklin Joseph Power To Women Self Defence Workshop

Last updated on March 11th, 2022 at 10:29 am

Are Women only sex objects?

In our ‘’ workshops, we try to reach the core issues of this problem. Basic crude fact is that most of us men love to look and imagine other women as sluts or sexual objects. No matter it’s a jean, a top, a sari or a burka… We have always had the roving eye for sex and equate it with women mostly. Newspapers, Magazines, Music videos, movies all know this fact. That why a half or fully naked women is so acceptable in our modern society does not matter whether its a shoe advert showing women posterior or selling a bike with a sexy girl sitting behind you or a new song with bikini white girls or sensation about Poonam Pandey videos and Sunny Leone movie.

But we also know other men look at our loved ones (daughters and mothers) in the same context as we look at a girl or a woman. So thus the issue of covering up is the Favorite pastime for fathers, brothers, boyfriends and husbands. Most men look but not everybody turns out to be molesters or rapist.

Do Modern Clothes attract Rape??

I feel the focus on clothes and crime is just to attract attention by people who love to talk with no knowledge of the issue. Statistically, also there is not evidence, women related crime is any bearing on the clothes. Florida, women wear bikinis and yet there are around 5000 rapes every year. Afghanistan women wear burka clothing that covers from head to toe and yet it has an alarming number of sexual abuse and violence on women.  Clothes do matter in a small way whether it’s man or women, so one has to ensure they wear the right clothes for the right places. I will not preach which clothes are right for where I really think all women know that. I personally feel sari are much more provocative than mini-skirts! But that’s just me… There are thousands of people with the old mindset and sadly they have now resorted to physical abuse apart from mental and verbal abuse. So, if you want to be a flag bearer of women issues with clothes, please remember the people who’re with a perverted mindset you are challenging won’t treat you with respect overnight. So, as a women safety empowerment speaker, my only advise is do not be blind to violence. Do not assume you will ask for your rights and things would change with you being the hero. Every change in history has gone through violence and every choice we make has consequences. Good or bad, at least be educated about it.

Are the men who attacked the girl were monsters from hell?

Actually, from my point of view, those men were not much different from our brothers, fathers and relatives. Men and women will always have a different outlook on life. But that does not mean all men resort to violence against women. These men did. I try to peek a little into normal family life to understand why?

A family sits down to watch a new movie where the item song comes where there are many girls dancing in underwear or a male beating up women or a sexual assault against women. When the father has no issues with this picture, the son also gets a subconsciousness message that if it’s ok for the father to look at women as sex objects or use force and violence, it’s ok for me to also look at women like that. Mothers usually have no say on this and the silence itself is proof of the power of the man. I personally cannot even imagine goes through the mind of the young girl of that ‘normal’ family. Maybe she feels, like the way the women took the abuse, she has to follow that pattern. Or maybe she thinks if she wants to be popular like those ‘attractive’ women on screen she has to be that beautiful, slim and as well as by that dress code. I am still researching on this point of view.

Research on emotional reactions to violent or sexual content has been concerned with the possibility that continued exposure to violence or sexual content in the mass media will result in desensitization, that is, that exposure to media violence or sexual content will undermine feelings of concern, empathy, or sympathy that viewers might have toward victims of actual violence and in terms of sexual content, it’s been reduced to a level of being a pleasure object or less sympathy for victims of domestic violence as well as rape victims as they ‘asked for it’. Participants also indicated that they were less depressed and enjoyed the material more with repeated exposure.


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  • Social Entrepreneur, Founder & C.E.O. – Indian Institute of Strategic Threat-Intelligence Analysis and Combat Tactical Science, Dharwad.
  • Worked as an Assistance Instructor at Manesar, Haryana, for the N.S.G. (Black Cat) Anti-Terror Commandos.
  • Served as a Senior Instructor at SVPNPA, Hyderabad, for I.P.S., I.A.S., and I.R.S. probationary officers.
  • Awarded “Best Service” by Luxury Travel Magazine from London, United Kingdom.
  • “Instructor who focuses on both Psychological & Tactical Training” recommendation of Franklin Joseph by Overseas Security Advisory Council, an U.S. Department of State’s Women Safety Report in 2014.
  • For a period of over twenty years, conducted PAN India Corporate Safety & Self Defense Workshops for Men and Women.
  • Integrating in training psychological and tactical features such as Pro-active Combat Science, Guerrilla Hit & Run Deception Strategy, Neuro-Behavioral Crisis Management, Warrior Mindset, Fear Counterinsurgency, Pro-Failure Conversion Technique, Psychological Anti-Stress Conditioning, Critical Decision Life Safety Skills, Pressure Methodology, Pre-Conflict Situational Awareness, Post-Battle Quick Response, Stealth & Evasive Tactics, Emotional & Critical Balance, Verbal Modulation Instructions, Violence De-Escalation Techniques, Crime Radar Deterrence Manoeuvre, Criminal Profiling, Rope & Hammer Combat Fitness, Tyre Bone Rugged Drills, Body & Mind Pain Conditioning, Decrypting Pre-Crime Sequence, Battle Strength Training etc.
  • Guest Lecturer with education institutions like National Institute of Technology (NIT) – Tiruchirappalli,Indian Institute of Management Business (IIM) – Bengaluru, Indian Institute of Management Business (IIM) – Tiruchirappalli, SRM Institute of Science and Technology – Chennai, Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology and Management – Bengaluru, Mithibai College – Mumbai, Mount Carmel College – Bengaluru, SIES College of Arts, Science & Commerce – Mumbai, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology- Mumbai, Kristu Jayanti College – Bengaluru, Christ University – Bengaluru & Jain University – Bengaluru etc. [ Click here Franklin Joseph Clients List ]
  • Awarded honorary plaque by Karnataka Government in the ThinkBig 2016 Women Entrepreneurs Convention Exhibition.
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  • Discussions broadcast on 93.5 FM, All India Radio, and other radio stations.
  • Highlighted Articles in Newspapers like Times of India, Hindustan Times, DNA, Deccan Herald, Deccan Chronicle, Bangalore Mirror, The New Indian Express etc.
  • Featured Articles in Magazines like Tehelka, LiveMint, 080 Bengaluru, TimeOut Bengaluru, Global Post, Bengaluru Pages etc.
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