Franklin Joseph: “Corporate Women Self Defense: How to choose a effective, practical system?”

Corporate Power To Women Self Defence by Franklin Joseph

Few point of consider whenever choosing a women self defense or safety empowerment session

  • Will a women want to fight a violent, bigger and stronger man?
  • Does the women want to be injured during the fight with a skillful opponent?
  • Is the women is prepared to face the consequences after the law and order after the fight?

If any of your answer is YES, then this page is not for you.

But, if it’s a NO for one or all, then read one.

It is a marketing myth that any women can learn how to defense on a one hour or few hours of self defense course. It will make you feel good, but after a short while you will forget most of what you have learnt in that demo session.

To learn Personal Self-defence, training on a on-going basis is required, This developes a mind set and natural reflexes that enable you to defend yourself using simple effective and brutal hand, foot and armed self protection techniques. How many of women are ready to give few hours of their week to Self Defense especially when they have to balance home and work.

[] [Post] So for short time training, where the focus is avoiding threatening scenarios and situations, we bring you ‘Power to Women Safety Awareness Workshop’

What is Safety Awareness?

It is your first line of defence. Most people think of kicks to the groin and punches when they hear the term “self-defence.” However, true self-defence begins long before any actual physical contact or fighting involved. The first, and probably most important, component in self-defense is safety awarenessawareness of yourself, your surroundings, and your potential attacker’s likely strategies.

Crime Prevention Information Sessions

Remember, statistics are not designed to scare you, but prepare you for possibilities. Through our Crime Prevention Information sessions, we prepare you through role-playing sessions the possibilities of how, where and when the crime can possibly happen and how you can prevent and avoid it.

Safety Awareness and Psychological Empowerment Sessions

These include conflict resolution verbal techniques, role play awareness exercises, what to do with bullies or sexual harassment etc.

For Workshop and seminars in School, College and Corporates, please contact Mr. Franklin Joseph at 9886769281.

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