Arvind mills – Power To Women Corporate Self Defense Workshop

Krystal Joseph Arvind P2w Workshop

We (my father Guru-ji Franklin Joseph, CEO, I.I.S.T.A..C.T.S. & me Krystal Joseph, CEO & Specialist, conducted this Power To Women Self Defense Workshop for the women factory workers of Arvind Mills in Bangalore.The workshop was done in kannada as they required someone who spoke their native language. Since I was more proficient in spoken kannada, I was assigned as the lead speaker / specialist in the workshop.

These are some of my professional observations of the workshop:

Transformation from vague to analytical answers

We showed them a simple crime situation of a man grabbing a women’s hand. I asked them how a girl can get out of such a situation. Some answered they would kick the person while another answered they would throw chilly powder at them. One of them even said they would stab them with a knife. When I asked them if they had chilly power or a knife with them right now, they said no. These superficial answers are usually based on fear and influence of movies. In real life they are not effective nor practical. Since they never got an opportunity like our workshop to think and analyse such simple crime situations, their answers were more generalistic and vague.

Towards the end i saw a change in their eyes, voice and posture due to the knowledge they acquired in this hour. Their eyes were enlightened, their voices were more lively and confident and their posture was more strong. As a result of this their answers became more analytically right and tactically sound.

Modification from unskilled to skilled technician

While teaching them a tactic, I observed that some women were pulling their hands instead of pushing the elbow. This is a very important tactical aspect of this Krav Maga technique because it involves both Combat Science and Psychological Empowerment. During the course of the training, these mistakes were drastically reduced, after i explained it many times and made them practice repeatedly. I called upon random participants and asked them questions on what they had learnt. Sometimes we even ask the participants to come in front of the audience and perform what they had just learnt. Usually in a spot light like that where one has to stand and answer in front of people, most of us stammer or freeze in fear. As a specialist we encourage and educate them on how to perform under stress. At the end of the workshop, most of them were answering like skilled technicians, even under the spot light. Some of them were even eager to help and train the others who were freezing up.

Upgradation from silent spectator to energetic participants

While teaching them a tactic of hand grab release, they were on edge and hesitant of whether they would be able to do it or not. The reason is they doubt themselves based on their insecurities of their age, size and strength along with their fear of repercussions of their action.

As a specialist one of my jobs is to make sure that they become skilled technicians focused on the science and the tactical aspects of the technique instead of being caught up in internal emotions and external reactions. To give them confidence that they could do it, I asked my father to hold my hand, who is twice my size and strength. Once i was able get out of his grab, they saw a glimmer of hope that they could do it too.

To further challenge the technique, my father, Franklin Joseph called a staff member who was more stronger and taller than him to hold my hand. With little effort i was able to release and gained confidence of the participants on the effectiveness of the technique.

I made them practice the technique repeatedly and increased the pace of the count to induce more stress. We divided them into groups and made them practice with various people of different physique and strength. Finally, most of them were energetically performing the tactics upon questioning.

In conclusion, one of the participant’s feedback was that they were requesting for more such workshop and they had fun in-spite of working in the Arvind Mills factory the whole day, which is indirectly a positive pat on our backs. The general manager was happy with the outcome of the workshop and was amazed at how easy it was for the women to learn and execute the Krav Maga tactics.

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