Franklin JosephPower To Women Self Defense Corporate Workshops are especially designed to empower & educate women on the fast & easy, based on reflex-action-based self-defense techniques of Krav Maga, especially invented to deal with real crimes. Specialist Franklin Joseph & Krystal Joseph make Krav Maga tactics fun, interactive, & science-based, so that everyone can learn it, regardless of age, ability, physical fitness, or strength.
In just a few hours of the Power To Women Self Defense Corporate Workshop, participants gain the skills to prevent, avoid & escape most basic modern crime situations, with a focus on both psychological & tactical self defense against known predators & unknown criminals, which most martial arts obselete tricks ignore. – Girl Self Defence in Schools & Colleges

In any crime situation, involving a younger girl-child - her fear, insecurity of size & strength or lack of fitness level, her age or her little to no knowledge on how to get out of a crisis situation is one of the many factors that makes her venerable as an easy victim. iTeachiPower workshops aims to improve every girl-child tactical knowledge along with her psychological prowess.

Profile of CEO & Specialist Guru-ji Franklin Joseph

Power To Women Self Defense Corporate Workshop Website is focused on empowering & educating women in Krav Maga Self Defense. To request for training or workshops & get our fees structure, call 9886769281 or 7483520836 for Guru-ji Franklin Joseph, Specialist & CEO, Indian Institute of Strategic Threat-Intelligence Analysis & Combat Tactical Science. Download Corporate PDF Presentation Download ZIPPED PDF Proposal Guru-ji Franklin Joseph Profile Social Entrepreneur, C.E.O. & Specialist Indian

TV Features & Press Articles of Franklin Joseph

Specialist Guru-ji Franklin Joseph has been featured in various articles or videos showcasing his goal of a safe world, free of abuse and crime, especially for girl-child and women. Some media names are Times of India, Hindustan Times, Bangalore Mirror, DNA, Deccan Herald etc., Magazines like Tehelka, 080 Bangalore, Bengaluru Pages,,, TimeOut Bengaluru etc., TV shows and News Channels like ZeeTv, CNN-Ibn, NDTV 24x7, TV9 News, Swarna Channel,

School, Colleges & Corporate Clients of Franklin Joseph

Specialist Guru-ji Franklin Joseph, Social Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Indian Institute of Strategic Threat-Intelligence Analysis & Combat Tactical Science, has worked with corporates all over India from Jaipur to Hyderabad, from Mumbai to Chennai, from Gurgaon to Bengaluru, etc. He has been invited as guest lecturer on Girl-Child Self Defence in various schools & colleges all over India; recently by National Institute of Technology, Trichy & Indian Institute of

NASSCOM – Power to Women Self Defense Corporate Workshop

Under the aegis of Diversity and Inclusion Initiative, NASSCOM is conducting a Women Safety ‘Power to Women’ Workshops on Anti-Fear Women Safety Awareness, Pro-Active Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence, Harassment and Sexual Click to Read

Art of Living – Power to Women Self Defense Workshop

‘Power to Women’ workshop was conducted by ‘Dr. Safety’ Franklin Joseph in Art of Living Center, Kormangala organised by Volunteers for Better India. I reached Art of Center, Kormanagala at Click to Read

Franklin Joseph Article – ‘Self Defense for Women misleading myths’

Let’s debunks misleading truths about self defense for women by Franklin Joseph – Specialist on Power to Women Workshops who’s core principal is Pro-Active Women Safety Awareness, Realistic + Scientific Click to Read

Franklin Joseph Article – Buy Ninja Kubaton Pocket Stick Women Self Defense Tools

Call Franklin Joseph at 9886769281 for Ninja Kubaton, a Non-Lethal Self Protection Women Self Defense Tools as violent crime against daughters, old people and corporate staff is on the rise. Click to Read

Franklin Joseph Article – ‘Protect Company’s No. 1 Asset – Female staff’

By Franklin Joseph. Smart companies know they cannot afford to have one of their employees become a victim of violence – on or off the job site. Each player especially Click to Read

Franklin Joseph Article – “Woman empowerment – psychologically & physically”

Franklin Joseph ‘’ workshops empowers the women to look inside a find the strength of a tiger irrespective of her actual size, strength and age. Not just for threats against Click to Read

Franklin Joseph Article – “Sexual harassment, blame it on victim’s modern clothes?”

Are Women only sex objects? In our ‘’ workshops, we try to reach the core issues of this problem. Basic crude fact is that most of us men love to Click to Read

Bangalore Times – Newspaper – Is India really a safe place for women?

And these images change the way women are being perceived, says Franklin Joseph, who conducts workshops to empower women. “When a family watches a film in which a man beats Click to Read

Franklin Joseph Article – “Beware of the bull being sold in the name of Women Self Defense” Part 2

I have read many many articles of Women Self Defense. It’s so interesting what martial artist are selling now-a-days in the name of Women Self Defense. Pardon my french, Bullshit! Click to Read

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