Specialist Franklin JosephUsually whenever a new corporate approaches for women self defense, they are only looking for martial arts tricks. Just do a demo or something in the corporate workshop. But with some explanations the corporate usually understand that not all the problems can be solved with punches and kicks. Of course, when the assault is life-threatening then military tactics based on human reflexes are the best solutions. But not every threats is a fatal one.

This is where Power to Women Psychological Empowerment sessions & Women Self Defense preventive & avoidance tactics step in.

CISCO organised five sessions of Power to Women Psychological Empowerment sessions for it’s lady staff. The sessions was well received by the participants. Two points were raised and appreciated by all women.

Women lack of size and strength has very little relevance if scientific reflex action based Krav Maga tactics are applied.

Psychological Empowerment is also very important as fear and insecurities of women are taken care of.

Specialist Franklin Joseph
Women Safety Awreness & Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence and Sexual Abuse
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