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Franklin Joseph: “Are You Protecting Your Company’s No. 1 Asset – Your Female staff ?”

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By Franklin Joseph. Smart companies know they cannot afford to have one of their employees become a victim of violence – on or off the job site. Each player especially female staffs which are on the team are very valuable, and it very important for the company to cater to the well-being of the team as a whole.

[] [Post] Most companies take steps to keep their employees safe and healthy through health insurance, wellness programs, and on-the-job safety training through women self-defense workshops. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s good business to keep your employees happy and healthy.

Door to door pickup, Free coupons or lunch, Holidays perks etc are now a normal thing in any corporate. The staff made sure they MUST get these basic facilities to join a particular organization. The same way both corporate and staff must recognize the importance of corporate self-defense and safety awareness programs

  • Why is Safety Orientation and Training is not compulsorily for Women?
  • Are women lives important enough for a normal office infrastructure to work?
  • Does sexual harassment or rape stories released in press affects the company brand value?
  • Does adding guards to pickup cabs the only answer to women related crime growing in India?
I will explore these questions in future posts.
I have worked with many organisations till now enough to understand that most companies are still hesitant to spend Rs 225 per person on female staff safety orientation basically under such few excuses
  1. We do not have the budget for such activities. LIES!
    I mean company which boasts of millions dollars turnover are hesitant to pay Rs 225 per participant for women safety orientation workshops! So I think it’s the mindset of few people in management who do not want to invest in such activities.
  2. Our women do not show interested in such programs. LIES!
    Whenever I have worked with any organisation, I have always got a full attendance in my workshops and the women have shown full interest in the workshop. They have in fact told me the workshop was not properly publicized and in some cases few project managers did not allow the staff time off to attend these workshops.
  3. We do not want to encourage violent behavior among our female staff. LIES!
    This one really boils my blood, I have had male as well as female management members informing me not to teach the female staff anything physical as it will encourage violent behavior among the female staff towards the male members.
But I am happy to report, these kind of people are rare in the industry. With the sheer number of workshops that I have conducted, that itself shows the mindset of the industry is changing towards Protecting Company’s No. 1 Asset – their Female staff. :)
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Mr. Franklin Joseph
Mr. Franklin Joseph
» 'Dr. Safety' Franklin Joseph was born in slums of New Delhi, where he was exposed to sexual abuse and violence from a very young age, and all his youth, he lived and gained in-sight of crime modus operandi and criminal mindset along with life-time real-life street combat experience.» After 11 years after working as a IT-Creative Director, he turned into a Social Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker to listen and share what I learned in my life.» 1986 : Started researching and educating myself on Safety Empowerment to help me heal and elevate myself from my own sexual abuse and violent past.» 1995 : Onwards, he researched, created and designing grass-root workshop module on Women Safety Empowerment by living or researching with women with abusive past or trauma.» 2004 : Started learning and practising Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense in Delhi and has been trained by legends like Master Vicky Kapoor, Avi Moyal, Shlomi Moyal, Gabi Noah, Amnon Darsa etc.» 2005 : Assisted Mr. Vicky Kapoor in many tactical training with Military, Police and Special Forces.» 2007 : Started designing Power to Women Corporate workshops with inputs from a Woman Psychologist as well as women victims of trauma.» 2008 : Started conducting and specialising on ‘’ : Women's Safety Awareness, Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence and Sexual Abuse» 2009 : Created ‘’ and Mother Child Safety Awareness workshops focusing on Children Safety Empowerment from within.» 2010 : Founded 'BadAzz Combat Academy' working on teaching no-nonsense, hardcore training with a limited few students instead of mass-business operation.» 2011 : Designed Specialised Weapons training modules : Knife Fighting / Knife Self Defense : Best for Women or Men alone in house in a Home Robbery or Rape situation.» 2011 : Founded Specialised Weapons training modules : Ninja Kubaton Pocket Stick : Best for Women or Men who want Non-Lethal Pressure Points tactics to Deter and Prevent threats.» 2011 : Created Specialised Weapons training modules : Collapsible Steel Baton : Best for people travelling to defend against Knife Threats and Car Robbery.» 2012 : Being a Social Entrepreneur, he started free sessions for civilians on Basic Safety Empowerment and Self Defense with various organisation like Justice for Women and Volunteer Junkie.» 2012 : Launched Motivational Workshop Module: Neuro-Science Positive Emotions and Paranormal Intervention Tactics: Looking at your life from the after-life.
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