Cisco Workshop18 Sep 2013

Power to Women Self Defense session in CISCO campus

Usually whenever a new corporate approaches for women self defense, they are only looking for martial arts tricks. Just do a demo or something in the corporate workshop. But with some explanations the corporate usually understand that not all the problems can be solved with punches and kicks. Of course, when the assault is life-threatening then military tactics based on human reflexes are the best solutions. But not every threats is a fatal one.

Expecting more from our daughters1 Jul 2011

Should our daughter defend themselves against abuse?

The perception that women are the weaker sex and hence you can do what you want will disappear when there is punishment. This is two-fold, one the stereotype which allows him to prey on women needs to break and for that women have to rise to meet the potential they are capable of. The other is a strong legislative framework that imposes strict punishment within the confines of a short, yet fair trial. The latter is not possible because of the shortage of resources in the country, but the former is possible. If women can just trust themselves to undertake what we all know they are capable of, it would go a long way in deterring potential criminals from looking them in the wrong way.