TNT Power to Women8 Nov 2012

‘Dr. Safety’ Franklin Joseph Power to Women Self Defense Workshop in TNT, Bangalore

Feedback from 'Dr. Safety' Franklin Joseph Women Safety Empowerment Specialist The response I got from TNT corporate Women Self Defense workshops was quite surprising. We held the workshop on the terrace of the organisation. The women participants were around 35 in number ranging from 30-40 years of age. On my first request for the psycological stress game, most of the women choose to sit down and watch the younger generation go at it. But then

Gopalan Mall Women Self Defense Workshop7 Nov 2012

Successful Corporate Women Self Defense Workshop in Gopalan Mall, Bangalore

Feedback from 'Dr. Safety' Franklin Joseph Women Safety Empowerment Specialist 'Dr. Safety' Franklin Joseph is a Women Safety Empowerment Specialist & a Social Entrepreneur conducting Power to Women Workshop on Women Safety Awareness and Women Psychological Empowerment / Preparation against Crime, Violence, Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment for school, college and corporate: We had a great sessions in Gopalan Mall, Bangalore even thought people were a big hesitant to step up and learn. But after

Corporate Women Self Defense13 Aug 2012

Franklin Joseph: “How a woman can empower herself psychologically and physically?”

Franklin Joseph's '' workshops empowers the women to look inside a find the strength of a tiger irrespective of her actual size, strength and age. Not just for threats against her but also to become and better human being, increasing productively, better decision making while handling stress and focus on positive solution even when fear and insecurity of our past freezes us.

Women Self Defense17 Feb 2012

WomenWeb: Self Defense tips for Women

Violence against women is an everyday occurrence. Protecting ourselves is important, if not essential – and it is never too late to learn. By Nisha Salim India is the fourth most unsafe country for women, according to a 2011 poll by TrustLaw. When it comes to women’s safety, we rank just above Somalia. Delhi is the most unsafe city for Indian women, even during the day.