TNT Power to Women8 Nov 2012

‘Dr. Safety’ Franklin Joseph Power to Women Self Defense Workshop in TNT, Bangalore

Feedback from 'Dr. Safety' Franklin Joseph Women Safety Empowerment Specialist The response I got from TNT corporate Women Self Defense workshops was quite surprising. We held the workshop on the terrace of the organisation. The women participants were around 35 in number ranging from 30-40 years of age. On my first request for the psycological stress game, most of the women choose to sit down and watch the younger generation go at it. But then

Gopalan Mall Women Self Defense Workshop7 Nov 2012

Successful Corporate Women Self Defense Workshop in Gopalan Mall, Bangalore

Feedback from 'Dr. Safety' Franklin Joseph Women Safety Empowerment Specialist 'Dr. Safety' Franklin Joseph is a Women Safety Empowerment Specialist & a Social Entrepreneur conducting Power to Women Workshop on Women Safety Awareness and Women Psychological Empowerment / Preparation against Crime, Violence, Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment for school, college and corporate: We had a great sessions in Gopalan Mall, Bangalore even thought people were a big hesitant to step up and learn. But after

Corporate Power to Women Self Defense Workshops13 Sep 2012

Franklin Joseph: “Are You Protecting Your Company’s No. 1 Asset – Your Female staff ?”

By Franklin Joseph. Smart companies know they cannot afford to have one of their employees become a victim of violence - on or off the job site. Each player especially female staffs which are on the team are very valuable, and it very important for the company to cater to the well-being of the team as a whole.

Corporate Women Self Defense13 Aug 2012

Franklin Joseph: “How a woman can empower herself psychologically and physically?”

Franklin Joseph's '' workshops empowers the women to look inside a find the strength of a tiger irrespective of her actual size, strength and age. Not just for threats against her but also to become and better human being, increasing productively, better decision making while handling stress and focus on positive solution even when fear and insecurity of our past freezes us.

2 Aug 2012

Franklin Joseph: Bangalore Times: Is India really a safe place for women?

And these images change the way women are being perceived, says Franklin Joseph, who conducts workshops to empower women. "When a family watches a film in which a man beats up a woman, and a father has no issues watching it, the son gets a subconscious message that it's OK for him to commit the same acts. Mothers usually have no say on the matter and the silence is proof of the power of the man," says

Franklin Joseph Power to Women Self Defense Workshops7 May 2012 Sexual harassment at workplace

Madhvender Chauhan Abstract Sexual harassment is “behavior with a sexual connotation that is abusive, injurious and unwelcome”. For the victim, sexual harassment has direct consequences for the maintenance or improvement of his or her living conditions and/or places him or her in an atmosphere of intimidation, humiliation or hostility. The purpose of the paper is to provide a holistic and comprehensive picture in regard to the sexual harassment at workplace.

Sexual Harassment3 May 2012

Mrs. Divya: Most women worry about their self defense only after bad incidents?

I have asked few of our female Krav Maga Self Defense practitioners to share some thoughts about this issue   Mrs. Divya says: Yes. It never occurs to most women that our safety is at risk on road, at work and even at home. Inspite of reading millions of articles on newspapers and magazines about incidents that happen around us, there is always a part of us that says "this will not happen to me"

DNA Newspaper9 Mar 2012

DNA: 80% women in Mumbai face sexual harassment

When a group of volunteers set out to conduct a survey about sexual harassment in public places in Mumbai, they thought that the findings would not be surprising. But, a fortnight and 1,000 interviews later, they realised how big the problem really is and how little is being done to resolve it.

Sexual Harassment29 Feb 2012

The New York Times: In India, a ‘Blame the Victim’ Mentality

NEW DELHI — When the West Bengal sports minister, Madan Mitra, offered his opinion of the character of a woman who was raped after leaving a Kolkata nightclub, he joined a long line of Indian officials who appear happy to blame the victim. “She has two children, and so far as I know, she is separated from her husband,” Mr. Mitra said on a national television show. “What was she doing at a nightclub so