Power To Women Self Defense11 Feb 2014

NASSCOM presents Empowering Women : Power to Women Workshop by Franklin Joseph ‘Dr. Safety’

Under the aegis of Diversity and Inclusion Initiative, NASSCOM is conducting a Women Safety ‘Power to Women’ Workshops on Anti-Fear Women Safety Awareness, Pro-Active Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence, Harassment and Sexual Abuse conducted by specialist Mr. Franklin Joseph 'Dr. Safety'. When: 2:30 pm To 5:30 pm, Friday, 21 February, 2014 Where: JSS Auditorium JSS Institution Campus CA Site no. 1, Kodihalli Behind Leela Place Hotel, Bangalore, India Program: 14:30 hrs - 15:00 hrs : Registration and Tea/coffee

Ninja Kubaton26 Dec 2013

Women Self Defense Videos: Self Defense for Women with Ninja Kubaton and Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense

Here are some of our videos on Women Self Defense where we are showcasing tactics for Self Defense for Women with Ninja Kubaton self defense tool and Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense techniques conducted by Franklin Joseph in Bangalore Women Self Defense Video by IIJNM Bangalore Franklin Joseph Students practicing & talking about Women Self Defense Ninja Kubaton Women Self Defense Tool Class Franklin Joseph Students practicing Ninja Kubaton Self Defense tool for women and

Cisco Workshop18 Sep 2013

Power to Women Self Defense session in CISCO campus

Usually whenever a new corporate approaches for women self defense, they are only looking for martial arts tricks. Just do a demo or something in the corporate workshop. But with some explanations the corporate usually understand that not all the problems can be solved with punches and kicks. Of course, when the assault is life-threatening then military tactics based on human reflexes are the best solutions. But not every threats is a fatal one.

Justice for Women Self Defense Workshop16 Jan 2013

FREE Franklin Joseph (‘Dr. Safety’) Power to Women Self Defense Workshop : Justice for Women & VFABI (Art of Living)

I am also a fan of martial arts, but that does not change the fact that Women Self Defense training will only defend against what we see or fear. Punch and Kick it. A typical male dominant approach to a Women problem. First we blame the women for not acting in self defense, then we teach her something that based on size and strength of a man and even if she tried to use it,

Ninja Kubaton Self Defense Tool8 Jan 2013

Franklin Joseph: Buy Ninja Kubaton Pocket Stick Women Self Defense Tools

Call Franklin Joseph at 9886769281 for Ninja Kubaton, a Non-Lethal Self Protection Women Self Defense Tools as violent crime against daughters, old people and corporate staff is on the rise. It doesn't matter where you live or work; you are at risk of becoming a victim of a violent or intrusive crime. There is no perfect way to defend your self other than to be prepared, which includes appearing confident, having an action plan and

TNT Power to Women8 Nov 2012

‘Dr. Safety’ Franklin Joseph Power to Women Self Defense Workshop in TNT, Bangalore

Feedback from 'Dr. Safety' Franklin Joseph Women Safety Empowerment Specialist The response I got from TNT corporate Women Self Defense workshops was quite surprising. We held the workshop on the terrace of the organisation. The women participants were around 35 in number ranging from 30-40 years of age. On my first request for the psycological stress game, most of the women choose to sit down and watch the younger generation go at it. But then

Gopalan Mall Women Self Defense Workshop7 Nov 2012

Successful Corporate Women Self Defense Workshop in Gopalan Mall, Bangalore

Feedback from 'Dr. Safety' Franklin Joseph Women Safety Empowerment Specialist 'Dr. Safety' Franklin Joseph is a Women Safety Empowerment Specialist & a Social Entrepreneur conducting Power to Women Workshop on Women Safety Awareness and Women Psychological Empowerment / Preparation against Crime, Violence, Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment for school, college and corporate: We had a great sessions in Gopalan Mall, Bangalore even thought people were a big hesitant to step up and learn. But after