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“Known Men or Criminals don’t follow rules of Martial Arts, nor allow you to execute self-defense tricks or spare you afterwards.”

Lack of knowledge of why crime on women happens makes us desperate to cling to solution of Women Self-Defense / Martial Arts Tricks. My methodology is ‘Start with the Crime, Study the Criminal Psychology’ then expose the raw reality of Why, Who & What makes Crime, Harassment & Sexual Abuse on women.

  • Violent Unknown Attackers – Ninja Kubtaon Pressure Points & Krav Maga Israeli Military Self Defense.
  • Deceptive Known Attackers – Educate & Empower the women to help Avoid, Prevent, Diffuse & Escape.
Crime on Women

Crime in India 2013 Survey by National Crime Records Bureau.

Known Rapist94%

Domestic Violence38%


Sexual Assault

Crime on Women 2013 Survey by National Crime Records Bureau.

New Delhi 21.41%



Child Abuse

2007 Survey by WCD Ministry, Prayas, Unicef & Save the Children

Parental Abuse88%

Known Predators50%

School Punishment65%

Sexual Harassment

Corporate Workplace Sexual Harassment Survey 2010 by CTI

Face Harassment88%

Never Report83%

Fear Victimisation91%

With a stranger or serious crime, use a gun, knife or Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense! With 94% known attackers, blind use of Women Self Defense (punch & kick) will just invokes more violence & even after the incident, she still has to deal with same or different issues from the same office, house, locality & city. This is a social problem & by acknowledging the seriousness of the issue, we can start working on it’s solution.

Call Frank @ 9886769281 for men, child or women safety & psychological empowerment workshops in school, college or corporate.

One of the biggest regret some rape or sexual abuse victims have is – if someone had told them the truth about crime, violence & sexual abuse, and got them prepared – maybe to help prevent, avoid & escape before threat become real.


Franklin Joseph a.k.a 'Dr. Safety'


Safety Specialist Guru Franklin Joseph is a self retired IT-Creative Director turned Social Entrepreneur focusing on Women Self Defense, Safety Pro-Active Awareness and Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse.

He also focuses on educating parents & children on how to break the silence of sexual abuse, peer pressure & bullism.

He has also incorporated a different way to help educate and learn how to diffuse or prevent sexual harassment.

  • OSAC recommends Franklin Joseph

    OSAC - United States Department of State constituents recommend Power to Women Workshops in Women’s Safety in India SURVEY 2014 "Franklin Joseph is a good self-defense trainer, who not only focuses on the physical part, but also on the psychological aspect"
  • Worked 7 years with Kailash Satyarthi and adapted his Grass Root Level Methodology to deal with Women Safety

    Working under Nobel Peace Winner 2014 Mr. Kailash Satyarthi for 7+ years, I observed & learned how he dealt the issue of child labour. Now, I use the same grass-root level methodology to expose the root cause of women safety, a social problem in my sessions. Cause tricks is not equal to a serious social problem like women safety.
  • Power to Women : Tackles fear, panic and insecurity : Psychological Empowerment
    Focus on Empowerment : About Power to Women Empowerment Workshops

Designed by Survivor of Violence & Abuse

Safety Specialist Guru Franklin Joseph designed Power to Women Self Defense & Safety Empowerment Workshops with knowledge based on his experience as a survivor of sexual abuse, crime and violence all his childhood and youth.

Designed by Social Entrepreneur

In that cocktail, Mr. Franklin Joseph added the experience gained by working 7 years in grass-root level of child labour issue with Nobel Prize Winner Mr. Kailash Satyarthi in his NGO Global March against Child Labour.

Designed by Self Defense Guru

Mr. Franklin Joseph also incorporated his tactical expertise in Krav Maga Israeli Military Self Defense system. The focus is on diffusion, prevention, avoidance and escape without provoking more violence through punching and kicking.

A criminal biggest tool is your freezing in fear… My focus is : Psychological empowerment to help diffuse and escape, majority of non-violent threat – by dealing with her Fear, Panic and Insecurity of size and strength.


Experiences of Safety Specialist Franklin Joseph

The biggest selling point of Power to Women workshops is not just the training or the different experiences which Safety Specialist Guru Mr. Franklin Joseph has acquired but the honest sharing of mistakes & the lessons, he learns everyday from the women in his life - his grandmother, mother, wife Sharon and daughter Krystal.

He believes that how we treat women in the hidden core of our own houses, which manifest itself maybe millions folds through the acts of certain people who do not respect women. We must treat this problem as a social problem and stop being silent & ignoring it.

Inspired by Grass-root level NGO run by Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi

Worked 7 years in Grass-root level NGO

I’ve Worked 7+ years with Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi in New Delhi. Inspired by his methodology of working for child labour & changing society from grass-root level, I’ve incorporated those ideology in designing my Power to Women Self Defense & Empowerment against Crime, Violence & Abuse Workshop.

Study Criminal Prospective87%

Expose the Loopholes82%

Speak about it Honestly94%

Franklin Joseph : Violence & Sexual Abuse Survivor

Violence & Sexual Abuse Survivor

Born in the slums of Delhi, I’ve faced around 25+ years of Violence & dealt with Sexual Abuse since 4 years old. The experience gave me a unique gift to see violence, crime, sexual harassment & sexual abuse very differently from others and also sharpened my survival instincts as well as predatory instincts.

See it from a Child POV86%

Focus on the Loopholes71%

Share Personal Incidents94%

Franklin Joseph Social : Social Entrepreneur

Ex-Director turned Social Entrepreneur

Leaving a secure respectable Creative Director job for being a social entrepreneur is still tough on my family. But being through violence & abuse, I can use my experience to hunt for a innovative solutions to this social problems from a criminal & survivor prospective not as a trainer or martial artist.

Not selling Martial Arts82%

Education as the key92%

Solution comes from within94%


Military Combat & Self Defense Guru

Tactical approach is always from what the criminal will use and eliminate that to collapse the surprise violent plan. Majority of crime & abuse follow a pattern, so education becomes the key factor to help psychologically empower the women or children to be prepared without aggravating panic.

Eliminate Fear89%

Preparation is important91%

Educate yourself74%

Slums of Delhi taught me most threats can be diffused by words. Pain taught me that my mind is stronger than my body & Fear taught me that I can overcome it with knowledge. But only my daughter is teaching me that I can change for the better…


TV features & Press Articles on Franklin Joseph

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Nearly every Women Self Defense workshop ends up reinforcing the MYTH of women being weak. Fueled by fear & insecurity through media, it promises protection through magic self-defense tricks or pepper spray etc. WRONG !


Power to Women Workshops are different, real & effective! Why ?

Grass-Root Experience | Why Power to Women Workshop are Effective ?
7+ years in NGO with Abused Children.
25+ years Survivor of Violence & Abuse.
Focus : Tactical Diffuse | Why Power to Women Workshops are Effective ?
1st : Be Aware, Prevent & Avoid it.
2nd : Communicate, Diffuse & Escape.
Empowerment against Fear | Why Power to Women Workshops are Effective ?
Deal with Insecurity of Size & Strength.
Deal with Freezing in Fear & Panic.
For any age, size or fitness level | Why Power to Women Workshops are effective?
Info against Child Sexual Abuse
Easy Non-Violent Tactics for Child
Krav Maga & Ninja Kubaton Self Defense Tactics | Why Power to Women Workshops are effective?
Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense Tactics
Ninja Kubaton Pressure Point Tool

Power to Women Corporate Friends

Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), Bureau of Diplomatic Security, U.S. Department of State published 'Women’s Safety in India – Benchmarking Survey Results' in April 2014, in which, OSAC constituents offered the following recommendations -

Franklin Joseph is a good self-defense trainer, who not only focuses on the physical part, but also on the psychological aspect

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Yahoo : PAN India Client (Delhi Gurgaon, Mumbai & Bangalore)
Titan : PAN India Client (Mumbai, Chennai, Pune & Bengaluru)
Tata Interactive : PAN India Client (Mumbai & Kolkata)
CISCO : PAN India Client (Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai & Bengaluru)
Infosys : PAN India Client (Mysore)
Deutsche Bank : PAN India Client (Jaipur, Mumbai & Bengaluru)
HSBC Bank : PAN India Client (Chennai & Bengaluru)
Ozone Group : PAN India Client (Chennai & Bengaluru)
Dell : PAN India Client (Chennai)
Dupont : PAN India Client (Hyderabad)
ABB : PAN India Client (Bengaluru & Mumbai)
Monsanto : PAN India Client (Hyderabad)
DRDO Women Group : Power To Women Workshop Client
Delphi, Mphasis & Syngene : Clients of Power to Women Workshops
Myntra, Huawei & Total : Clients of Power to Women Workshops
Wipro, Tyco & Pramati : Clients of Power to Women Workshops
Times of India, PG & Endeavour : Clients of Power to Women Workshops
Firstsource, Logica & Colt : Clients of Power to Women Workshops
Cognizant, Harman & Gopalan Mall  : Clients of Power to Women Workshops
HAL, Bharti AXA & Mach : Clients of Power to Women Workshops
Alcatel-Lucent, NIIT & APC : Power to Women Clients
Ness Technologies, HCL & 3M : Power To Women Workshop Client
Juniper, ITC Gardenia & Tavant Technologies : Power to Women Clients
GE, Goldman Sachs & Fitness First : Power to Women Workshops Clients
Intelligroup, Thomson Reuters & Overseas Women Club : Power to Women Workshops Clients
Justice For Women Group, TNT & Art Of Living Yes+ : Clients of Power to Women Workshops
Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Mumbai : Say No to Abuse College Workshop Client

  • I am glad Franklin Joseph uses his years of experience working for children and women from the NGO world as the base of the workshop and constantly learns how not to be a man or a martial artist in his sessions.

    Ottilie Anban Kumar


  • Instead of being a pepper spray wielding insecure girl, after Power to Women workshop, I have emerged more alert, better informed, prepared to walk the street, relying more on myself being a women instead of a man.

    Anusha Suresh

    Participant in Power to Women Workshop

No matter how the media reports, it’s not men against women! Global change on women safety can only start from within ourselves – the greatest enemy is within us – our mind not willing to change from older mentality to new one.



Photo Gallery of various capsules listed below

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  • Say NO to Harassment

Psychological empowerment to diffuse and escape any threat starts by dealing with her Fear, Panic and Insecurity of size and strength.



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11 Feb 2014

NASSCOM presents Empowering Women : Power to Women Workshop by Franklin Joseph ‘Dr. Safety’

Under the aegis of Diversity and Inclusion Initiative, NASSCOM is conducting a Women Safety ‘Power to Women’ Workshops on Anti-Fear Women Safety Awareness, Pro-Active Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence, Harassment and Sexual Abuse conducted by specialist Mr. Franklin Joseph 'Dr. Safety'. When: 2:30 pm To 5:30 pm, Friday, 21 February, 2014 Where: JSS Auditorium JSS Institution Campus CA Site no. 1, Kodihalli Behind Leela Place Hotel, Bangalore, India Program: 14:30 hrs - 15:00 hrs : Registration and Tea/coffee

26 Dec 2013

Women Self Defense Videos: Self Defense for Women with Ninja Kubaton and Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense

Here are some of our videos on Women Self Defense where we are showcasing tactics for Self Defense for Women with Ninja Kubaton self defense tool and Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense techniques conducted by Franklin Joseph in Bangalore Women Self Defense Video by IIJNM Bangalore Franklin Joseph Students practicing & talking about Women Self Defense Ninja Kubaton Women Self Defense Tool Class Franklin Joseph Students practicing Ninja Kubaton Self Defense tool for women and

17 Dec 2013

Power to Women Self Defense, Safety Awareness & Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence, Harassment & Sexual Abuse

'Power to Women' workshop was conducted by 'Dr. Safety' Franklin Joseph in Art of Living Center, Kormangala organised by Volunteers for Better India. I reached Art of Center, Kormanagala at the after noon and we started a session a bit late.

18 Nov 2013

Self Defense for Women, Debunk misleading myths : Franklin Joseph

Let's debunks misleading truths about self defense for women by Franklin Joseph - Specialist on Power to Women Workshops who's core principal is Pro-Active Women Safety Awareness, Realistic + Scientific Self Defense for Women and Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence and Sexual Abuse


Call Franklin Joseph at 9886769281
Email him 'Frank(@)PowertoWomen.in'

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