Call Franklin Joseph at 9886769281 for Ninja Kubaton, a Non-Lethal Self Protection Women Self Defense Tools as violent crime against daughters, old people and corporate staff is on the rise.

It doesn’t matter where you live or work; you are at risk of becoming a victim of a violent or intrusive crime. There is no perfect way to defend your self other than to be prepared, which includes appearing confident, having an action plan and having the right tools with which to carry it out.

The positive step of buying a self-defense product like Ninja Kubaton is that, it improves your awareness and adds to your reputation of confidence. Most likely, the police won’t be standing nearby when a personal attack occurs, and, for the most part, the police can only get involved AFTER the damage has been done.

[] [Post] Using knives and gun would be actually more dangerous as most likely they would be used against you if you do not know how to handle them through proper training. Or it would lethal to the attacker and you would go to jail or have a criminal court case. Much better alternative are protection tool like Ninja Kubaton. These devices are effective, need no particular training, and don’t require a license unless you are in a airport where you are not allowed to carry them. Since they are non-lethal weapons, they are also good for anyone needing to defend themselves but are concerned about killing or seriously injuring their attacker.

Spray or pepper guns are NOT very effective in a real life scenario. Will pepper spray always stop an attacker? Contrary to media advertising, pepper spray does not have stopping power or cause paralysis. An assailant can still grab you, punch you, stab you or shoot you and will definitely be more angry after being sprayed. Pepper Spray may not be quite as effective on addicts, intoxicated or hysterical persons. Other factors like speed and slow the reaction time: Whether you are inside or out, wind speed and direction, if it was a direct hit to the face would also drastically affect the outcome of the meet with an attacker. Other variables include the distance the pepper spray must travel, and whether the receiver had his eyes open or closed when the spray hit also make sure does the attacker gets more angry or stop his attack.

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