Anusha Suresh
Participant in Power to Women Workshop

Instead of being a pepper spray wielding insecure girl, after Power to Women workshop, I have emerged more alert, better informed, prepared to walk the street, relying more on myself being a women instead of a man.

Global Brand Communication Head, Bangalore

The toughest part of Women self-defence training for a woman, therefore, lies not in the physical stress she has to endure, but in overcoming the barriers her mind constantly creates for her. If you want to empower a woman, start with her mind.

Ottilie Kumar

I am glad Franklin Joseph uses his years of experience working for children and women from the NGO world as the base of the workshop and constantly learns how not to be a man or a martial artist in his sessions.

“No matter how the media reports, it’s not men against women! Global change on women safety can only start from within ourselves – the greatest enemy is within us – our mind not willing to change from older mentality to new one.
~ Safety Specialist Guru ~

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