Photo : Franklin Joseph - Specialist in Women Safety, Women Self Defense and Women Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence, Corporate Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse
quotesCrime has evolved - Criminals cheat yet we stick to rules of obsolete Martial Arts for protection. Insecurities & fears in women only fuels anger / panic, exactly what criminals want. As a social entrepreneur & abuse survivor, my focus is to change existing mindset via education, based on research of grass root level reality of Crime, Violence, Corporate Sexual Harassment & Sexual Abuse (Child / Women) especially by known people or within an institution. My workshop deals with fear, insecurity of size, strength or fitness; Prevention, Avoidance & Diffusion of any potential threat; use of Krav Maga Military Self Defense tactics or Ninja Kubaton Stick Self Defense to escape fatal danger. I believe, woman self defense is 70% Psychological preparation, 30% Physical Reflex Action Tactics. Let's re-educate & change India. Jai Hind.quotes
Franklin Joseph a.k.a 'Dr. Safety'
CEO | Specialist on Street Crime, Violence, Corporate Sexual Harassment & Child / Women Sexual Abuse | Social Entrepreneur | Practicing Krav-Maga since 2003 | Researcher on Abuse since 1986 | Violence & Abuse Survivor since 4 years old
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