TNT Power to Women8 Nov 2012

‘Dr. Safety’ Franklin Joseph Power to Women Self Defense Workshop in TNT, Bangalore

Feedback from 'Dr. Safety' Franklin Joseph Women Safety Empowerment Specialist The response I got from TNT corporate Women Self Defense workshops was quite surprising. We held the workshop on the terrace of the organisation. The women participants were around 35 in number ranging from 30-40 years of age. On my first request for the psycological stress game, most of the women choose to sit down and watch the younger generation go at it. But then

Sexual Harassment3 May 2012

Mrs. Divya: Most women worry about their self defense only after bad incidents?

I have asked few of our female Krav Maga Self Defense practitioners to share some thoughts about this issue   Mrs. Divya says: Yes. It never occurs to most women that our safety is at risk on road, at work and even at home. Inspite of reading millions of articles on newspapers and magazines about incidents that happen around us, there is always a part of us that says "this will not happen to me"