Live Mint9 Aug 2011

LiveMint: Let’s put some punch into that kick

Live Mint Newspaper There was a time when I was far bolder than I am today. I was well known in my daily bus route to school for whacking a man who was harassing me. It wasn’t a hard one, but it embarrassed him enough to get off the bus. Years later, I find myself just gaping in shock when strangers brush past me intentionally and so did a girl friend when she was sexually

DNA Newspaper29 Nov 2010

DNA Newspaper: A punch in time can save a life

DNA Newspaper Krav Maga, a self-defence technique developed in Israel, literally means ‘contact combat’ or ‘close combat’. Relying on human instincts, this hand-to-hand combat involves wrestling, boxing, grappling and striking techniques. With traces of street fighting techniques, Krav Maga is easy to adapt and reproduce.

Times of India Newspaper22 Feb 2010

Times of India: Attack the attakers

Times of India Newspaper After a relative lull, the city was shaken once again with the gangrape of a 24-year-old Jharkhand girl, before she was mugged, kidnapped and kept captive (for 14 hours). The MBA graduate was returning home near the swish Electronic City. The incident once again raises serious questions about women’s safety, especially at night. It was only in 2005, a BPO employee Prathibha was raped and killed in Bangalore.

Times of India Newspaper22 Feb 2010

Times of India: Be safe, than be sorry

Times of India Newspaper Yesterday, we explained how women can use simple things to counter attack when in danger. In the concluding part of our series, Krav-Maga expert Franklin Joseph tells you how to arm yourself if you get caught in precarious situations. Be it on a crowded street, at your workplace, or even in a cab on your way back home.

DNA Newspaper22 Feb 2010

DNA Newspaper: Get your defence in place

DNA Newspaper You could be petite or small-built, but never underestimate what your body can actually do. And that goes even for the women. The world isn’t getting any safer and one of the best ways to protect oneself is to learn a form of art that will come handy when you’re in trouble. From judo, karate, kick-boxing, kalari — there are plenty of options. Even a form that has its roots far away in Israel like

Timeout Bengaluru22 Feb 2010

Time Out Bengaluru: Fright Club

Time Out Bengaluru Magazine I began my first session at the Bangalore centre of the International Krav Maga Federation, more than a little apprehensive about grappling with full-grown men. I was told that this form of combat relies heavily on attacking the groin, face and knee. And I had these decidedly martial terms – “combat tactics” and “neutralising real-life threats” running through my head.