Experiences of Safety Specialist Franklin Joseph

The biggest selling point of Power to Women workshops is not just the training or the different experiences which Safety Specialist Guru Mr. Franklin Joseph has acquired but the honest sharing of mistakes & the lessons, he learns everyday from the women in his life - his grandmother, mother, wife Sharon and daughter Krystal.

He believes that how we treat women in the hidden core of our own houses, which manifest itself maybe millions folds through the acts of certain people who do not respect women. We must treat this problem as a social problem and stop being silent & ignoring it.

Inspired by Grass-root level NGO run by Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi

Worked 7 years in Grass-root level NGO

I’ve Worked 7+ years with Nobel Laureate 2014 Mr. Kailash Satyarthi in New Delhi. Inspired by his methodology of working & changing society from grass-root level, I’ve incorporated those ideology in designing my Power to Women Workshop on Self Defense & Empowerment vs. Crime, Violence & Abuse.

Study Criminal Prospective87%

Expose the Loopholes82%

Speak about it Honestly94%

Franklin Joseph : Violence & Sexual Abuse Survivor

Violence & Sexual Abuse Survivor

Born in the slums of Delhi, I’ve faced around 25+ years of Violence & dealt with Sexual Abuse since 4 years old. The experience gave me a unique gift to see violence, crime, sexual harassment & sexual abuse very differently from others and also sharpened my survival instincts as well as predatory instincts.

See it from a Child POV86%

Focus on the Loopholes71%

Share Personal Incidents94%

Franklin Joseph Social : Social Entrepreneur

Ex-Director turned Social Entrepreneur

Leaving a secure respectable Creative Director job for being a social entrepreneur is still tough on my family. But being through violence & abuse, I can use my experience to hunt for a innovative solutions to this social problems from a criminal & survivor prospective not as a trainer or martial artist.

Not selling Martial Arts82%

Education as the key92%

Solution comes from within94%


Military Combat & Self Defense Guru

Tactical approach is always from what the criminal will use and eliminate that to collapse the surprise violent plan. Majority of crime & abuse follow a pattern, so education becomes the key factor to help psychologically empower the women or children to be prepared without aggravating panic.

Eliminate Fear89%

Preparation is important91%

Educate yourself74%

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Slums of Delhi taught me most threats can be diffused by words. Pain taught me that my mind is stronger than my body & Fear taught me that I can overcome it with knowledge. But only my daughter is teaching me that I can change for the better…

~ Safety Specialist Guru ~