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“Known Men or Criminals don’t follow rules of Martial Arts, nor allow you to execute self-defense tricks or spare you afterwards.”

~ Safety Specialist Guru Franklin Joseph ~ a.k.a. ‘Dr. Safety’

Ask any girl child or women this question – Aren’t you tired of being afraid ? Will you be angry if you are told you were constantly mislead & lied about your safety ?? Well, If the answer ‘yes’, then read these statistics:

Crime on Women


Crime in India 2013 Survey by National Crime Records Bureau.

Known Rapist94%

Domestic Violence38%


Sexual Assault


Crime on Women 2013 Survey by National Crime Records Bureau.

New Delhi 21.41%



Child Abuse


2007 Survey by WCD Ministry, Prayas, Unicef & Save the Children

Parental Abuse88%

Known Predators50%

School Punishment65%

Sexual Harassment


Corporate Workplace Sexual Harassment Survey 2010 by CTI

Face Harassment88%

Never Report83%

Fear Victimization91%


Download Franklin Joseph Power To Women Workshops PDF Brochure Well, based on latest statistics, existing Women self defense workshops are not just obsolete but a JOKE on our country! As fueled by media reports, most women worst fears is sexual abuse by a gang on a lonely street, from self defense experts to citizen, happily look for quick fix solutions in martial arts / self defense tricks.

  • Criminals will rarely attack the way, it’s taught in any self defense class.
  • Most women are insecure to use tactics as its based on size & strength.
  • The surprise & violence of the attack would make any brain freeze in fear
  • Knives welding criminals are not bullied by mere punches and kicks

So do you think that these criminals and sexual predators are having the last laugh at our blind ignorance? Power to Women Workshop methodology is ‘Start with the Crime, Study the Criminal Psychology’ then expose the raw reality of Why, Who & What makes Crime, Harassment & Sexual Abuse on women.

  • Violent Unknown Attackers – Ninja Kubtaon Pressure Points & Krav Maga Israeli Military Self Defense.
  • Deceptive Known Attackers – Educate & Empower the women to help Avoid, Prevent, Diffuse & Escape.

Our Power to Women Workshops are

  • ⌘   Fear & Insecurity Management vs Crime & Violence
  • ⌘   Safety & Psychological Empowerment vs Harassment & Abuse

With a stranger or violent crime, we will teach you BadAzz Krav Maga Israeli Military Self Defense which is based on science not size & strength! However, With 94% known attackers or non-lethal threats, blind use of Women Self Defense’s Punches & Kicks will just invokes more violence & even after the incident, she still has to deal with same man / men from the same office, house, locality & city.

Let’s work on a new solution. Let’s change India, one person at a time starting with the person in the mirror.

One of the biggest regret some rape or sexual abuse victims have is – if someone had told them the truth about crime, violence & sexual abuse, and got them prepared – maybe to help prevent, avoid & escape before threat become real.

~ Safety Specialist Guru ~