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In the ice age, Women Self Defense was considered as learning traditional martial arts or some tricks to defend oneself once under threat. But what most self defense experts do not understand that for women, self defense does not mean fighting and violence. Women do not want to have fist fight with a bigger stronger man or men. They do not want to bleed or get serious injuries due to fighting or get caught up by police for public disturbance or any other issues that come with fighting. That is why we designed ‘‘ Workshops on Safety Awareness, Self Defense and Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence and Sexual Abuse

  1.‘ Workshops are designed by Mr. Franklin Joseph (Retired IT Creative Director, Self Defense Instructor, Social Entrepreneur who has 8 years of experience working with abused women and children) with inputs from Women Psychologist so we understand what women really want in self defense.
  2. Focus is more on Prevention, Avoidance and Escape against most threats both before, during rather than fist fight or violence.
  3. Tactics are designed for all women, DOES NOT MATTER what your SIZE, your AGE, your STRENGTH, your FITNESS level is.
  4. Tactics are based on REFLEX ACTION, so its very easy to learn and most importantly easy to replicate under the stress and ciaos of the attack.
  5. Last but not the least, the workshop is full of FUN and LAUGHTER, so that sharing and learning from serious issues would not be a boring affair!

We have various workshop options

  1. Corporate Women Self Defense Israeli Krav Maga Prevention and Avoidance Workshop
  2. Corporate Mother and Child Safety and Self Defense Workshop
  3. Corporate Anti-Sexual Harassment Safety Workshop
  4. Car In-Transit Safety Awareness Workshop
  5. Anti-Robbery, Home Invasion Prevention Workshop
  6. Non-Lethal Self Protection Tools: Stun Gun and Kubaton Pocket Stick Workshop
  7. Women Employee Safety Orientation and Empowerment Seminar


Corporate Women Self Defense Israeli Krav Maga Prevention & Avoidance Workshop

Israeli Krav Maga is best for our corporate work staff as they need something that they can actually use and replicate under stress, taught in a very short period of time with little or no relevance with the strength, size and fitness level of the corporate staff member especially females members. Whereas, Martial arts is tough, complicated, takes years of learning, and is designed with fitness and strength as contributing factors thus making it not effective for normal ordinary people who does not want to fight and get injured or get involved with police and court cases. [Read More]

Corporate Mother and Child Safety and Self Defense Workshop

A workshop for your corporate mother’s kids or for your sister, niece or any young family members. Learn how to watch our for our children’s safety and how to teach them awareness and how to escape using Israeli Krav Maga Self Defense Reflex action based tactics from most threats that might come to our children. [Read More]

Corporate Anti-Sexual Harassment Safety Workshop

Sexual harassment is not only harmful, it’s costly. Sexual Harassment Training is being sought out by more businesses and corporations everyday. However, there continues to be increasingly serious sexual harassment lawsuits despite this raised awareness. It is therefore imperative that your workforce goes through Sexual Harassment prevention training at least once a year. [Read more]

Car In-Transit Safety Awareness Workshop

Effective transportation security requires a culture of security awareness imparted to the passengers along with the guards & security routines. Robbery / assault against bike riders and car passengers are getting common while travelling to and from our workplace. Thus, it time safety awareness education & escape tactics are taught to all passengers. [Read More]

Anti-Robbery, Home Invasion Prevention Workshop

Bangalore is getting high on the crime chart with robbery and home invasion being a common occurring threat to us. We will train you how to prevent and avoid such threat to you house and what you can do  to actually not attract the crime to you. [Read More]

Non-Lethal Self Protection Tools – Stun guns and Kubatons Pocket Stick Workshop

With violent crime rate rising, prevention and escape before the threat becomes deadly, is far more practical and effective solution. ‘Ninja Kubaton Pocket Sticks’ begins the new age cheaper effective non-lethal alternative to knives and pepper spray. Non-Lethal Electric Shock Stun Devices also is effective tool against serious crime like rape, robbery and kidnapping which happens in-transit cabs or buses. [Read More]

Women Employee Safety Orientation and Empowerment Seminar

A corporate invests a huge amount of corporate money into the orientation of new employees. Corporate security procedure is given high importance but staff safety awareness is sideline often and not given any importance. Often Self Defense classes are conducted in volunteer basic where most of the people ignore coming to such session due to ignorance and denial they will face a threat or the insecurity of not being big, strong, young or fit enough to deal with a violent attacker. [Read More]

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