Corporate Women Self Defense13 Aug 2012

Franklin Joseph: “How a woman can empower herself psychologically and physically?”

Franklin Joseph's '' workshops empowers the women to look inside a find the strength of a tiger irrespective of her actual size, strength and age. Not just for threats against her but also to become and better human being, increasing productively, better decision making while handling stress and focus on positive solution even when fear and insecurity of our past freezes us.

2 Aug 2012

Franklin Joseph: Bangalore Times: Is India really a safe place for women?

And these images change the way women are being perceived, says Franklin Joseph, who conducts workshops to empower women. "When a family watches a film in which a man beats up a woman, and a father has no issues watching it, the son gets a subconscious message that it's OK for him to commit the same acts. Mothers usually have no say on the matter and the silence is proof of the power of the man," says

Women Self Defense PowertoWomen.in26 Jun 2012

Franklin Joseph: “Beware of the bull being sold in the name of Women Self Defense” Part 2

I have read many many articles of Women Self Defense. It's so interesting what martial artist are selling now-a-days in the name of Women Self Defense. Pardon my french, Bullshit! Let me  share some thoughts. I truly feel women especially need to be educated and smart enough to see what is best self defense system out there that will ACTUALLY prevent, avoid, defend and escape you from harms way just because they cannot match the strength, size and

Women Self Defense PowertoWomen.in31 May 2012

Franklin Joseph: “10 reasons to include self defense in your corporate wellness program”

Proactive, forward-thinking companies do what is necessary to ensure that employees are mentally, emotionally and physically healthy. These companies understand that by providing employees with benefits like wellness programs, insurance, training/education, and more, they are investing in their own future as a company. A new trend in Corporate Wellness is in-house self-defense or safety awareness seminars like ''. These seminars teach important life-saving skills and are quickly become regular occurances in many organizations' wellness programs.

Sexual Harassment3 May 2012

Mrs. Divya: Most women worry about their self defense only after bad incidents?

I have asked few of our female Krav Maga Self Defense practitioners to share some thoughts about this issue   Mrs. Divya says: Yes. It never occurs to most women that our safety is at risk on road, at work and even at home. Inspite of reading millions of articles on newspapers and magazines about incidents that happen around us, there is always a part of us that says "this will not happen to me"

Corporate Women Self Defense20 Feb 2012

Franklin Joseph: “Corporate Women Self Defense: How to choose a effective, practical system?”

Few point of consider whenever choosing a women self defense or safety empowerment session Will a women want to fight a violent, bigger and stronger man? Does the women want to be injured during the fight with a skillful opponent? Is the women is prepared to face the consequences after the law and order after the fight?

World17 Jan 2012

“India 4th most dangerous place for women: Can we change that?” Franklin Joseph

Sometime back, I read this article, saying India is 4th most dangerous place for women. Here are small excerpts from that article "The high number of female foeticide, infanticide and human trafficking prevalent in India has placed it as the fourth most dangerous place for women in the world, according to a survey. Afghanistan is the most dangerous place for women followed by Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, India and Somalia in the survey conducted