I am also a fan of martial arts, but that does not change the fact that Women Self Defense training will only defend against what we see or fear. Punch and Kick it. A typical male dominant approach to a Women problem. First we blame the women for not acting in self defense, then we teach her something that based on size and strength of a man and even if she tried to use it, she is subjected to more violence. Let’s leave even that part alone how can we eliminate the fear of being attacked? When? Where? How? What a women actually feels? Psychological Empowerment is also important part of self defense apart from just tricks and techniques.

Being born in slums of Delhi, I have lived, understood & elevated myself from the criminal mindset I expedience and grew with. I realized the importance and role of shock, surprise, fear, panic, insecurities etc. before, during and after execution of any crime against women where punches and kicks cannot even touch. Forget about women, even men are caught up in these factors and are reduced to victims.

I have done extensive researched on this street crime and violence since 1986, with various inputs from women Psychologist and have also devoted a decade to understand  and listen to victims of violence and sexual abuse to realize it will take much much more than punches and kicks to even reach and understand the root of this problem. Street violence and violence against women is not something new and it’s not that can be eradicated by punches and kicks.

Power to Women Safety Awareness and Psychological Empowerment sessions are not just merely punches and kicks, but will EXPOSE the dirt of what and where violence and abuse of women actually are living and flourishing right under own nose. And educate the women to clean the root of the problem staring from the core of her existence itself.

My quote of the day is DO NOT GET BLIND by your FEAR and try a superficial solution based on punches and kicks, GO FOR in-dept and educate yourself and approach this problem from a grass-root level eye-line of what I have seen. You will be surprised ! I bet!

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