Feedback from ‘Dr. Safety’ Franklin Joseph

Women Safety Empowerment Specialist

The response I got from TNT corporate Women Self Defense workshops was quite surprising.

We held the workshop on the terrace of the organisation. The women participants were around 35 in number ranging from 30-40 years of age. On my first request for the psycological stress game, most of the women choose to sit down and watch the younger generation go at it.

But then started the real scenario based verbal self defense drill where the women were pretending to be eve-teased in a bus. Slowly, I started noticing even they were showing eagerness to participate and open up in expressing ideas and suggestion on what the victim women should do.

[is_singular][] [Post][/is_singular] Within the first hour, I managed to win them all, where they were laughing, learning, suggesting and understand women safety empowerment. At the end, I even got a clapping ovation from the participants, and they gave a very positive feedback that age does not matter when it comes to women safety. So true 🙂 — Franklin Joseph

‘Dr. Safety’ Franklin Joseph is a Women Safety Empowerment Specialist & a Social Entrepreneur conducting Power to Women Workshop on Women Safety Awareness, Women Psychological Empowerment / Preparation against Crime, Violence, Sexual Abuse or Sexual Harassment specifically designed for Indian School / College / Corporate.

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