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As we saw most fighting techniques, any martial arts, most of them use these factors – strength, size, fitness level, stamina or flexibility.

Let see how these factors are applicable in three different case studies of women self-defense

  1. 5.6″ tall, 56 Kg weight, 45-year-old women verbally and physically abused by her drunk husband
  2. 5.2″ tall, 41 Kg weight, 19-year-old college girl being molested in a bus by a group of teenagers
  3. 2.3″ tall, 25 Kg weight, 8-year-old school girl being sexually abused by her neighbor uncle

Can increasing more Police help?

Yeah, I have heard this one a lot, Police is not trained well or we should have more police. Well, I do agree that they need proper training but how much police is needed for our own safety. Do we have a armed guard walking with us to protect our purse? Or do you want to have a armed guard inside our mother or daughter bedroom? Seeing recently a gentleman was beaten up by traffic police and growing number of rapes and deaths in police custody shows every body has a good and ugly side to their personalty. And no matter how much training is given to police, they are still humans. They cannot predict what crime can happen where? So, yes better training, salary, shifts etc. must be given to our police force but that will not solve the problem of protecting ourselves.

Can having strict law help?

Yes, it does help to some extent. Most of our laws are outdated and old straight from the British era. So yes, stricter law can help get justice and some extent prevent and avoid crime from happening. But to a disillusioned, misinformed or desperate man, he does not even think about the law before he executes his crime. Even if he scared of being caught, he does not believe he is doing anything wrong to be caught in the first place! For these kind of men, stricter laws does not make much difference. And more and more young criminals are coming from these categories angry and frustrated with the system. These men have been spoon feed by friends, family and society that women have no rights or any choices and must be under men control at all time. So when this mindset clashes with modern women mindset, then stricter laws cannot help at the movement of the attack.

Can Punches and Kicks help?

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